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Declare Your Style With The Zuri Zuri By Flora Tank Top

Posted on June 5, 2014 in Lifestyle

Zuri Zuri By Flora the Hong Kong Based Ladies apparel designers once again has confirmed their intention to cloth the urban woman in style. The ladies attires so far brought out by them were welcomed by women all over the world with roaring applause.


The tank top blouse brought out by them recently is no different in stylishness from their former creations. This is a smart top to be worn with bottoms of any material. Since it is solid black, it can be worn with any color.

This is a stylish garment created to make any woman look essentially womanish. The slightly low U-neck line is altogether alluring, exposing just enough of your glowing skin but modest enough to look just attractively womanish. This cute top is inspired by the flapper dresses of 1920s. This explains its classic look.

The make

This is a captivating tank top made with solid black lace material with a sheer black lining. The scallop edge of the lace layers falls attractively overlapping each other. This gives it a very delicate look. Lace always enhances the delicateness of a woman. The decorative edges and beautiful network texture are special features of a lace garment. This never fails to attract attention.

Tassels are always incorporated with ladies’ dresses to add to its fragile appearance. They enhance grace of a lady’s gait. The fringes attached to this Zuri Zuri tank top fall below your waist line to give an extra ordinary poise to your hip movement. The long black thread frills shift entrancingly around your hip when you move around.

The black lining of the dress gives it a chic look and increases the attraction of the lace cover. At the same time it is soft on your skin and hence very comfortable. It saves you from the slight roughness of the lace material.

This is a sleeveless creation which exposes your beautiful arms to the greatest advantage. The edges of the shoulders and neckline are bound with white with accentuates the beauty of the sheer blackness of the material.

The back neckline is rather high with a button and loop closure. This leaves a small opening below the closure which is tantalizingly narrow but low. This increases the sexy nature of the black blouse. The top part of the blouse is left sheer. This adds to its sexiness.

The zipper on the side is hidden within the folds of the lace. The zipper helps the dress to show off your beautiful body shape. The front and back side of the dress falls along the contours of the body.

This is made of finest polyester material imported from China. This tank top is available only in new moon black. The material is light and easy to maintain.

This is an elegantly pretty dress which can be worn in all kinds of parties and get-togethers. This is simple but sophisticated enough to be worn in semiformal parties and youngsters’ get-togethers alike.