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Bamboo Sheets: Exploring their Advantages

Posted on May 29, 2014 in Health

One of the most versatile materials available- bamboo- has been put to diverse uses till date. From furniture to wall hanging to food- one of the quickest growing types of plant (i.e. bamboo) has found a place everywhere.

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Today, the plant is being increasingly used as a material for bed sheets. Those who are already using it are definitely aware of the obvious advantages offered by bamboo sheets. However, there might as well be some of you out there who aren’t really well-versed with the same. If you’re one of them, go through the sling of merits of bed covers made of bamboo.
Resistant to Fungus and Bacteria

There is a scientific reason why the bamboo bed sheets are resistant to harmful bacteria and fungi. The plant is known to grow in areas with high humidity, temperature and molds and bacteria. In a bid to survive, it has developed strong anti fungal and anti bacterial property. This particular attribute can be traced in the finished products as well. The natural anti bacterial property acts a pesticide and it has been proved that even after 50 industrial cleaning and washings, the sheets had demonstrated the antimicrobial effectiveness.