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Smoking Your Flavour in E-Cigs

Posted on May 24, 2014 in Health

If you are looking for something new and interesting to smoke apart from your traditional cigarettes or pipes then you should give e-cigs a try. The e-cigs are the cigarettes of this new generation where you could enjoy smoking multiple flavours. It’s the e-liquid tobacco flavors that give the e-cigs their essence and life. You get the aroma of fresh and perfectly dried tobacco along with their awesome bud soothing sweet taste. With the e-liquid cigarette flavours you yourself could be adjusting the sweetness and hardness of your cigarette.

The advantages of the e-liquid cigarette flavours

With the e-liquid cigarettes you could be adjusting the density and the flavour of the smoke. The two major key liquids in the cigarette flavours are the VG and PG, and my making variation in their mixing composition you could be getting a huge range of flavoured cigarette liquid. The PG gets the hard and powerful taste to the smoke. There is an atomiser in the e-cigs which make the PG burn or transform into vapour. The smoke is generally very thin but hard in taste where as in the VG you will be finding sweetness. When you use higher percentage of the VG you will be getting the softer and the sweeter taste of tobacco. The VG is the glycerine based liquid so the smoke form it is very dense in nature. The best mixture between the VG and the PG is 20-30 VG and 70-80 of PG.

Various flavours of liquid tobacco

You must be surprised to know that the range of flavours available in the e-liquid cigarettes is far more than that of traditional cigarettes. The numerous flavours have been made for the smokers around the world and among the best e-liquid cigarettes flavours are those manufactured in America and Europe but they are real expensive. The cheaper e-juices come from china and are easily available.

Whatever you wish to smoke, let it be peppermint, menthol, various fruits, desserts, hard or raw tobacco everything is there for you. With a huge hue of flavours available for you, all you have got to do is choose your favourite flavour.

Other than flavours try mixing the PG and VG according to your choice to have the best taste in your mouth. The e-liquid cigarette flavours are available over internet so you could go internet shopping for your best cigarette flavours and get them delivered at your door.

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