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The Best Smaller Dogs That Look Cute When Dressed

Posted on May 21, 2014 in Pets

People who own dogs love them like you would love your own child. The reason is demonstrated by the famous proverb that a dog is a man’s best friend. They are friendly and highly intelligent creatures. Their loyalty is amazing and they can sense sorrow as well. Therefore, it is only natural for man to love this silent companion who would be by his master at all times. However, dogs are of various types like beautiful small teddy bear puppies. You should not think of them as giant creatures that would howl at any stranger. There are many small dogs that are used not for guarding but for their genuine adorability.

Some breeds that you must know about

One of the most popular kinds of small dogs is the cocker spaniels. They are small and have long hair. The hair is mostly golden in color and they are generally in good spirits at all times. They are not only very playful but they can also be dressed in a very funky manner. You would often see people walking their cocker spaniels in t shirt. It is all about how creative you can get with your dog. It is one of the finest breeds that you may go for when it comes to smaller dogs.

Another breed that you can go for is the Daschund. These are ones with the shirt legs and elongated bodies. They are mostly brown and black in color. These beautiful furry little loving dogs are extremely cuddly and they are as intelligent as any other dog is. These dogs are known for their cool temperament and friendly nature. They are never aggressive and are a very nice company for people who love peace and harmony. However, this is not where the list of the small dogs ends.  There are certain dogs that are sued in the fashion industry as well.

The French Poodle is one of the most common dogs seen in the fashion ramps. They are often seen to be dressed in high fashion with their fur trimmed in a designer manner. They are the best examples of designer dogs but they are also quite expensive. The teddy bear dogs are also a very popular choice when it comes to smaller dogs. One of the most easily available smaller dogs is the Pug. Pugs are moody dogs but they are extremely loyal and have a very unforgettable face. People often dress up tehse dogs and put up pictures of them in social networking websites.

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